A Guide to Essential Minerals for Antler Growth in Deer

A Guide to Essential Minerals for Antler Growth in Deer

Minerals play a vital role in the development of antlers in whitetail deer. The process of antler growth demands large quantities of minerals, notably calcium and phosphorus.

How Deer Utilize Minerals for Antler Growth

Deer initially deposit minerals like calcium and phosphorus in their skeletons and later transfer them to their developing antlers. However, the minerals stored in the body cover only a part of what's required for optimal antler growth. The rest must be sourced directly from the diet during periods of active growth.

The Process of Mineral Transfer for Antler Growth

During peak antler growth, the thyroid gland releases calcitonin, a hormone that enables deer to extract minerals from their internal bone structure, leading to a state known as “physiological osteoporosis.” This temporary condition is most pronounced in bones like the ribs and shoulder blades, which may lose up to 40% of their calcium content. By September, deer are typically able to replenish these borrowed minerals.

Bioavailability and the Importance of Mineral Supplementation

Given the deer's ability to store calcium and phosphorus but not other essential trace minerals, regular, low-level intake (in parts per million) of these minerals is crucial. Supplementation can enhance forage intake, digestion, and reproductive success, making it a vital aspect of deer nutrition.

Composition of Minerals in Antlers

The Transition from Protein-Rich to Mineral-Rich Composition
As antlers grow, they consist predominantly of proteins (80% by weight). However, once mature, antlers contain roughly equal amounts of proteins and minerals.

Research indicates that calcium and phosphorus are the primary minerals in deer antlers, constituting about 30-35% of the mature antler by weight.

Diversity of Minerals in Antlers

A comprehensive study by the University of Georgia (Miller et al. 1985) identified 11 different minerals in whitetail antlers. Besides calcium and phosphorus, significant amounts of magnesium, sodium, and other trace elements like potassium, barium, iron, aluminum, zinc, strontium, and manganese were detected.

The Superiority of Deer Steroids Mineral Formula

Innovations in Deer Nutrition

Deer Steroids, a product of extensive research and collaboration with top whitetail breeders, stands out in the market for its advanced and complete mineral formula. It combines chelated minerals, vitamins, amino acids, yeast culture, and biotin for optimal absorption. The formula's efficacy is grounded in decades of experience and validated with peer-reviewed research from experts in the field.

The Unique Advantages of the Deer Steroids Formulation

While many supplement companies lack hands-on experience with whitetails, Deer Steroids feed supplement is the result of scientific testing and expert recommendations.

Unlike other products that rely heavily on salt for deer attraction with minimal nutritional benefits, this supplement is scientifically formulated to promote larger antler growth, backed by tangible test results.

Making an Informed Choice

When choosing a mineral supplement, it’s crucial to distinguish between those that are merely attractive to deer and those that genuinely contribute to their nutritional needs and antler development. Deer Steroids offers a proven, scientifically-backed option for those aiming to enhance the growth and health of whitetails.

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