What is the World Record Buck?

What is the World Record Buck?

In the realm of deer hunting, the world record buck stands as the pinnacle of achievement and a symbol of the pursuit's rich heritage. Hunters from all walks of life aspire to encounter a buck that could potentially claim the title of the world's largest. In this article, we delve into the awe-inspiring world of record-breaking bucks, exploring the remarkable stories behind these legendary specimens, the weights they carried, and what sets them apart.

The Quest for the World Record Buck

The notion of a world record buck fuels the dreams of hunters worldwide. But what defines a buck as a world record, and how are these exceptional animals recognized?

The Boone and Crockett Club, founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt and George Bird Grinnell, is one of the most esteemed organizations dedicated to tracking and honoring big game animals in North America. They established a scoring system known as the Boone and Crockett Score, which takes into account the size and symmetry of a deer's antlers. To be considered for a world record, a buck must meet stringent criteria, including the 60-day drying period to ensure accurate measurements.

The Legendary Bucks: World Record Holders

Over the years, a few legendary bucks have claimed the coveted title of world record, etching their names into the annals of hunting history. Let's take a closer look at some of these iconic specimens, including their weights:

The Hanson Buck (Typical)

hanson buck

  • Score: 213 5/8 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 230 pounds
  • Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Year: 1993

The Hanson Buck held the world record for typical whitetail deer for nearly two decades. Taken by Milo N. Hansen, this remarkable buck exemplifies the sheer size and symmetry that hunters aspire to find.

The Hole-in-the-Horn Buck (Non-Typical)

  • Score: 328 2/8 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 300 pounds
  • Location: Ohio, USA
  • Year: 1940

This non-typical giant, discovered in Ohio by a group of hunters, remains one of the most iconic bucks in history. Its unique rack, filled with irregular points and protrusions, continues to fascinate hunters and enthusiasts.

The Missouri Monarch (Typical)

  • Score: 333 7/8 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 265 pounds
  • Location: St. Louis County, Missouri, USA
  • Year: 1981

The Missouri Monarch is the reigning world record for the typical whitetail category. Its immense antlers and perfect symmetry make it a true masterpiece of nature.

Largest Deer Ever

World record bucks transcend mere numbers on a score sheet. They inspire hunters, conservationists, and wildlife enthusiasts alike. These legendary specimens remind us of the incredible potential that deer carry within them, showcasing the result of optimal genetics, nutrition, and survival instincts.

Hunting for a world record buck is not just about pursuing a trophy; it's about respecting and preserving the natural world and the majestic creatures that inhabit it. It's a journey that connects hunters to the rich heritage of their sport and fosters a deep appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the wilderness.


The world record buck is more than just a measurement of antlers; it's a symbol of the relentless pursuit of excellence in hunting. These legendary specimens, with their remarkable antlers and impressive weights, stand as testaments to the awe-inspiring potential of deer and the dedication of hunters who respect and cherish these majestic animals. And these records were before people used minerals for deer antler growth like Deer Steroids! While the record may change hands over time, the legacy of these remarkable bucks continues to inspire the next generation of hunters, ensuring that the pursuit of excellence in deer hunting remains a timeless tradition.

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