Florida Deer Baiting Laws & Regulations

Summary of Florida Deer Baiting Regulations

Feeding and baiting deer is allowed outside of CWD management zones.

The current prohibition on feeding deer is strictly intended to reduce any additional, unnatural congregation of deer that could potentially increase CWD transmission in the area.

The FWC has had a long history of supporting the legal, supplemental feeding of deer and we hope to maintain this support while having the least amount of impact on as few people as possible with CWD management actions.

Detailed Regulations

Prohibited methods and equipment for taking game mammals and resident game birds: Placing, exposing or distributing soporific, anesthetic, tranquilizer, hypnotic or similar drugs or chemicals; preparation by baits; or by other means where game birds or game animals may be affected.

Feeding Game

Taking game on lands or waters upon which corn, wheat, grain, food or other substances have been deposited by means other than normal agricultural harvesting or planting is prohibited, except as noted below.

Non-migratory game may be hunted in proximity of year-round game-feeding stations on private lands, provided the feeding station has been maintained with feed for at least six months prior to taking game.

Placing, offering or allowing the placement of feed or garbage that is likely to create or creates a public nuisance by attracting bears is prohibited after receiving written notification from the FWC.


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