Louisiana Deer Baiting Laws & Regulations

Summary of Louisiana Deer Baiting Regulations

Baiting, placement of bait, or hunting over bait is prohibited within LDWF designated CWD control areas.

It is the responsibility of hunters to check their hunting area for bait prior to each hunt.

A baited area is an area on which salt, grain, or other feed has been placed, exposed, deposited, distributed, or scattered, if that salt, grain, or other feed could serve as a lure or attractant for wild quadrupeds or wild birds via ingestion. The use of approved bait not normally ingested by deer is allowed.

Detailed Regulations

Lands within WMA boundaries have the same seasons and regulations pertaining to baiting and use of dogs as the WMA within which the lands are enclosed; however, with respect to private lands enclosed within a WMA, the owner or lessee may elect to hunt according to the regular-season dates and hunting regulations applicable to the geographic area in which the lands are located, provided that the lands are first enrolled in DMAP. Interested parties should contact the nearest LDWF field office for additional information.

Baiting, hunting over bait, or possession of bait is prohibited on all WMAs EXCEPT bait may be kept in a vehicle traversing a WMA road or parked on a WMA road. Bait is defined as any substance used to attract game via ingestion.

Hunting stand, blind, tripod, baiting, spot-lighting etc. regulations applicable to LDWF WMAs are in effect on KNF unless otherwise specified (refer to “Methods of Taking Game” section of the 2019-2020 LDWF WMA Regulations) excluding the “Bag Limit” and “Horses and Mules” sections.


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