Mississippi Deer Baiting Laws & Regulations

Summary of Mississippi Deer Baiting Regulations

Deer baiting is not allowed in Mississippi, though in 2015 the Mississippi Commission on Wildlife did remove a restriction that had prevented hunting within 100 feet of a feeder.

While baiting is specifically called out by the updated regulation ("Nothing set forth in this rule shall be construed as authorizing or allowing the taking of deer or any other game animal or bird with the aid of bait."), it can be argued that baiting is permissible as long as one is not hunting within 100 feet of a feeder.

Detailed Q&A About Mississippi Baiting Regulations

The following are about Rule 2.4 from the Mississippi Commission on Wildlife.

How far do I have to be from a feeder during hunting season?

There is no distance restriction.

Why do I have to use an above ground covered feeder?

This is so the feed will not sit on the ground in piles. When feed is piled on the ground there is more opportunity for moisture to come in contact with the feed which can cause it to mold and sour.

Then why can I use a spin cast feeder? They allow feed to touch the ground.

Yes they do allow feed to come in contact with the ground, but the feed is distributed in a manner so it is not piled. Deer can remove most of the feed the feeder distributes each time it turns on. This will reduce the likelihood that the feed with mold or sour.

Why do I have to put my feeder 100 yards away from my property line?

This is primarily to reduce conflict between adjoining landowners, lease holders, and hunt clubs.

Why can't I put a feeder on public land?

This is to reduce conflict between hunters. If feeding were allowed on public land, a hunter who put up a feeder could "claim" that area as their hunting area. Also, it would be extremely difficult to know where all of the feeders were located on public land. Due to this, you could be hunting in violation and not know it.


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