Wisconsin Deer Baiting Laws & Regulations

Summary of Wisconsin Deer Baiting Regulations

Baiting for deer is permissible, but regulations differ by county and locality. CWD/TB testing results may change regulations, so it is advised to consult with the Wisconsin DNR frequently to stay up to date on regulations & guidelines.

Detailed Regulations

Baiting and feeding bans will renew with each new wild or captive positive CWD/TB result, and the map will be updated with any changes as soon as they are regulatory. Please check the Wisconsin DNR page frequently for updates.

Positives from wild deer and elk can be found on the CWD results page. More information on captive deer and elk positives can be found in the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) farm-raised deer positives list.

Hunters should follow local ordinances that may prohibit baiting and feeding deer until they are notified of a change locally.

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